Probate Court

What is the Probate Court?

"Connecticut's Probate Courts protect the rights of individuals and ensure care, safety, and community-based solutions for thousands of our most vulnerable residents and their families in times of need. Probate Courts handle a wide range of sensitive issues children, the elderly, persons with intellectual disabilities, and individuals with psychiatric disabilities, in addition to their traditional role of overseeing decedents' estates and trusts."

Functions of the Probate Court

The Probate Court handles a wide range of sensitive issues affecting:

· Persons with intellectual disabilities

· Individuals with psychiatric disabilities

· The Elderly

· Children

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Probate Court strives to protect the rights of individuals while affording those involved in probate matters an approachable and consumer-friendly environment. The Connecticut Probate Court has a very detailed web-site that outlines required forms, fees charged and frequently asked questions. For much more information on the Probate Court, please visit:

Responsibility of Connecticut Probate Judges

1. Appoint guardians for intellectually disabled persons

2. Hear matters involving mentally ill persons, including involuntary commitments to mental health facilities

3. Appoint conservators for mentally ill and infirm persons

4. Refer persons with mental illness and disabilities to social services agencies

5. Review reports on those with guardians and conservators

6. Approve adoptions

7. Approve changes of name

8. Terminate parental rights

9. Work with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families

10. Process estates, making sure property passes from one person to another

11. Resolve disputes over estate property

12. Interpret wills and trusts

Our District

As a result of the 2011 consolidation, the towns of Bethel, Newton, Redding, and Ridgefield are all encompassed by the Northern Fairfield County Probate District #45.

Commitment to Community

If elected, Jennifer Collins will serve these four towns to preserve the community culture of compassion and fairness. Integrity, compassion, and service have been and will continue to be the cornerstones of her involvement in the Connecticut Judicial Branch.

Approved by Jennifer Collins

Paid for by Jennifer Collins for Probate Judge, Lawrence Weisberg, Treasurer